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Trail Name Length Elevation Difference
North Las Vegas
4.6 Miles 95 ft.
Angel Park
Angel Park/ Bruce Trent Park
3 Miles 290 ft.
Ash Grove
Spring Mountain Ranch State Park
0.8 Miles 59 ft.
Las Vegas
6 Miles 450 ft.
City of Las Vegas Non-equestrian Trail System
Las Vegas
51 Miles 1680 ft.
Cold Creek MVU
Spring Mountains National Recreation Area
44 Miles 4200 ft.
Grimes Point Petroglyph/Overlook Trail
Grimes Point Recreation Area
1 Mile 205 ft.
Lampe Park Trail
Lampe Park
1.6 Miles 10 ft.
Las Vegas Wash
Las Vegas
2 Miles 130 ft.
Lone Mountain
Las Vegas
6.5 Miles 110 ft.
Lower Las Vegas Wash Regional Trail
North Las Vegas
5.5 Miles 300 ft.
Las Vegas
6 Miles 250 ft.
Sparks Marina Trail
Spark Marina
2 Miles negligible
Tahoe Meadows Interpretive Trail
Tahoe Meadows
1.15 Miles -30 ft.
Upper Las Vegas Wash Regional Trail
North Las Vegas
3.5 Miles 180 ft.

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